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Yuvatyadi Tailam (Yuvatyadi Tailam, Kottakkal) 200 ml

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 Yuvatyadi Tailam (Yuvatyadi Tailam, Kottakkal) - Ayurvedic Massage Oil for Breast Firmness and Elasticity

Yuvatyadi Tailam is a unique Ayurvedic massage oil specially formulated to enhance the condition of the female breast. The application of this oil promotes the nourishment of breast tissues, imparting firmness and elasticity.


  • Oil (Tailam)
  • Mahishaghritam (Mahishaghritam)
  • Goghritam (Goghritam)
  • Yuvati (Yuvati)
  • Vacha (Vacha)
  • Katuka (Katuka)
  • Kritanjali (Kritanjali)
  • Rajani (Rajani)
  • Paya (Paya)


 An effective herbal solution for enhancing the appearance of the female breast.

 The oil helps restore tissue elasticity and eliminate skin sagging in the breast area.

 Recommended for use by pregnant women and during lactation to care for the breasts.

 Application Method:

 Please consult a specialist to determine the dosage and duration of oil application. Self-administration without proper guidance may not yield the expected results.

 Prior to application, warm the oil and shake it well. It is recommended to apply 5-10 ml (1-2 teaspoons) of pre-warmed oil to the breast area and gently massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes.

 Breast massaging is advised twice a day - in the morning and before bedtime, for a duration of three weeks. Nursing mothers are recommended to repeat this procedure after each feeding.

 Additionally, expectant mothers are encouraged to care for the breast area to prevent potential skin stretch marks.


 Consult a physician before using the product.

 The oil may have natural sediment.

Give your breasts natural firmness and elasticity with Yuvatyadi Tailam - a reliable Ayurvedic massage oil for the female breast. Make this self-care ritual a part of your daily routine.

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